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Ebac based in Robakowo there since 2005 year cabinetry tourist industry. All the buildings are supported by previous projects and consultation with Klientem.Naszym goal is to build excellent cars expedition with superior technology and at a reasonable price.

Freedom and unbounded opportunities include Ebac's philosophy. As a traveler you want to succeed in the challenges of each trip, and we try to help in this by building vehicles that meet the requirements of different climate zones. You can now explore anywhere, completely independent and free from worry.

Models containers built by the company are designed for all vehicles with a lift capacity of 3500 kg. The company helps find the right solution to provide assistance in choosing the car and adapting the equipment to the customer's requirements. The body of the vehicle is equipped with components that facilitate travel and allow you to be completely independent in different places.

The emphasis is on reaching different target groups with different budgets, all in order to provide our customers the convenience and satisfaction. Our goal is to make vehicles manufactured by us gave full freedom to travel. A special team is involved in every step of the buildings of the vehicle. Craft, quality creativity and innovation are the driving force behind our work. To ensure success, we employ qualified, professional staff who identifies with our philosophy. There is one main theme: The vehicle must offer safety, comfort and check on the go everyday. And that is why we comply with quality standards during construction vehicles.

The basic traveler needs are similar - but there are different requirements for the vehicle itself: whether alone, with family, destination, terrain and infrastructure, time ... that all the criteria that will ultimately provide the optimal solution and the final result. Please contact us if you have questions or want to know something more. We will be happy if we could help States.

We are at your disposal.