Ebac Robakowo based in existence since 2005 in the field of tourism superstructure. Since 2010, our company covers are built Expedition and expeditionary. All buildings are supported by previous projects and consultation with the client. Our goal is to build excellent expedition vehicles with the best technology and at a reasonable price.

The emphasis is on getting to the different target groups with different budgets, and it is all in order to provide our customers the convenience and satisfaction, regardless of where you travel. Our goal is to make the vehicles manufactured by us give full freedom to travel. A dedicated team of staff is involved in every step of the buildings of the vehicle. Craftsmanship, quality of creativity and innovation are the driving force behind our success. To ensure success, we employ qualified, professional staff, who identifies with our philosophy. The guiding thought is one: The vehicle must offer safety and comfort, and check out on the road everyday. And that is why we comply with quality standards during construction vehicles.

Traveler basic needs are similar - but there are different requirements for the vehicle itself: whether alone, with family, purpose, land and infrastructure, the time ... it's all the criteria that will eventually provide the optimal solution, and the end result.

Any furniture and upholstery are sewn in our company. Furniture undergo treatment on CNC machines. Fabrics are manufactured from the highest quality leather.